Looking at outward circumstances of life is actually looking at ourselves in the mirror of our unconscious beliefs.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius takes place on December 14th at 8:16 AM Pacific Time.

The Sabian Symbol for this moment: “A bluebird standing at the door of a house.”

At the time of this eclipse, there’s a feeling that we’re ready to fly through some kind of portal. This image of a bluebird, contemplating a threshold, is a reminder of this gateway. There’s something of a juxtaposition between the two spaces in this image — “the natural,” which the bird normally inhabits, and the “man made,” that is, a space foreign to the bird.

Why would a bluebird…

The New Moon in Scorpio this month takes place at 9:07 PM, PST, on Saturday, November 14th. This is actually quite a constructive and purposeful lunation, and so it’s worth feeling into and translating its energy into your own life. Ruling it is a now-direct Mars in Aries, which has completed two-thirds of its “renovation” process it has been in since the start of July this year. This is a potent and positive omen, as Mars actually goes direct just the day before, on Friday the 13th.

With Mars direct now and ruling this New Moon, we can look forward…

This year on All Hallows Eve we have a striking full moon coming through in the earthy sign of Taurus. We get a Taurus full moon every year around this time, but this year’s lunation is special for one very important reason: at the time of its fullness, the moon will be exactly aligned to Uranus.

In Astrology, the planet Uranus has come to be associated with the myth of Prometheus — the awakener, the fire-bringer, the trickster who steals fire from the gods of Olympus and gifts it to humanity. The Promethean urge is toward illumination, disruption, freedom, novelty…

We are currently under a number of important and intensive cycles that are some of the most demanding of 2020. This moment represents a pivotal time which I’m sure you can feel, both in terms of the collective and in your personal spheres.

There are a number of cycles to unpack. The first is an ongoing renovation of our masculine and assertive sides, a process which is causing wild fluctuations in energy, leaving us feeling variably amped up, burned out, obsessive, persevering, aggressive, annoyed. This seems a necessary side-effect of something deeper that is wanting an epochal change in us.

This Thursday we encounter the numinous Full Moon in Aries. This is a culmination of a cycle which began 6 months ago, on the March 24th New Moon in Aries. If you think back to that time — where you were and what cycles seemed to be beginning — you may be able to trace a thread back to now.

Full moons are ripenings, maturations. They represent the fruit of our labours becoming manifest, readying for harvest. …

As I mentioned on this week’s edition of my podcast, there is a strong emphasis on what I’d call “home and belonging” currently coming into our focus. We are now more concerned with creating a sense of safety and security amidst a very changeable and unpredictable world situation. We’re wanting practical solutions and real-world moves to be worked out, and to not just feel stuck inside juvenile fantasies or ideals, which seem ever more abundant.

As such we will probably experience a fair degree of anxiety as we work out how we’re going to position ourselves in spite of “the…

Fate? Free Will? How do I get out of this thing?

A friend recently wrote me with an important concern when it comes to working astrology into our lives.

His point was basically to wonder if, by paying attention to forecasts such as last week’s, we “dream it in” or create a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially in terms of when astrologers say more “negative” or challenging aspects are on the horizon.

I believe answering this is very personal, and it comes down to understanding and questioning of your own metaphysics.

That’s why astrology is like a meta-philosophy, in that it challenges us to really get straight about how we think the world…

It’s never been easier than now to use an electronic device to trigger a cascade of stress hormones and immunosupressing responses within our bodies. As we navigate the morass of facts, opinions, hot-takes and various bullshits around the current COVID situation, it will become even easier to lose our sovereign center.

I am seeing people whose spiritual authority in the past I came to trust now crumbling in panic amidst the hype and spin that this situation is causing.

It is making me question their facade. These types of situations are extremely revealing. It seems that a crisis is actually…

Personal growth can only take us so far. At a certain point, we are required to step through to something else.

I recently realized that “personal growth” is like a treadmill. For years, I associated personal development and my striving to be a better person with some kind of moral high ground. Now, I’m really questioning that certainty.

It began obliquely. My recent quitting of caffeine has left me calmer and more grounded, feeling happy just being who I am, going about the day. I feel less of a compulsion to listen to podcasts or to talks on youtube, searching for another hit of dopamine disguised as a piece of content. I’m writing less in my own journal, processing way less…

Why I’m Going Happily Without Caffeine In 2020

I’ve been off caffeine since the last few days of 2019. At the end of this month, I’ll be travelling to the desert to participate in a 12 day initiation, also known as a Wilderness Fast (Vision Fast). During this time, I will be fasting for 4 full days (no food, only water).

I have some strong reasons for doing this, and I’ll get into it in post before I leave. But I figured it would be nice to go through the caffeine withdrawals before I get there, rather than when I’m alone and starving, since I won’t have any…

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Astrology, culture, life. www.thenadir.ca

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