A Full Moon in Taurus — Oct 31, 2020

This year on All Hallows Eve we have a striking full moon coming through in the earthy sign of Taurus. We get a Taurus full moon every year around this time, but this year’s lunation is special for one very important reason: at the time of its fullness, the moon will be exactly aligned to Uranus.

In Astrology, the planet Uranus has come to be associated with the myth of Prometheus — the awakener, the fire-bringer, the trickster who steals fire from the gods of Olympus and gifts it to humanity. The Promethean urge is toward illumination, disruption, freedom, novelty, and restorative justice — at any cost — all themes associated with the transits of Uranus. He is bringer of divine chaos — perturbations of the status quo for the advancement of truth and the revelation of the unseen. His presence in a configuration denotes excitement, freshness, originality and bold action rooted in the spontaneous awakening of innate genius.

It’s quite rare to have a full moon exactly conjunct Uranus, and thus this moment invites us to take stock and adjust our sails — that we might make good use of these prevailing cosmic winds.

The Sun opposite Uranus on its own is a transit which facilitates change to personal identity — a sense of “breaking free” from previously intractable personal patterns. With the full moon dynamic added, we have a sense of culmination or imminence — this particular moment could be a “final straw” situation that leads to us breaking completely new ground.

Prometheus himself is a martyr figure. He sacrifices his life for the benefit of humanity — the punishment for his theft of fire is to be chained to a rock for eternity, daily suffering disembowelment by a giant eagle. We touched briefly on this myth in the last full moon report [link to last report] — Prometheus’ story continues when the centaur Chiron takes his place on the stone, by way of Hercules’ arrangement. We see here there is a deeper mythological weaving of these two lunations.

Thinking back to last month’s full moon, some of the main themes discussed were: self-sabotage, healing, mutual reliance, and potential burnout. We talked about isolation and the renovation of the Masculine, and how the time was ripe for a deeper listening and adjustment of our habitual heroics. Since that time, we have been steadily paying attention and working with these themes.

This work comes full circle now at this present Full Moon, as the Promethean link creates sudden revelations, striking developments, important realizations, and an overall sense of “quickening.” Whatever was illuminated last month now comes into even sharper focus and manifestation. This lunation will provoke us into tangible, results-focused actions. Important and uncomfortable conversations which tip the apple cart and force a rewriting of contracts of all kinds will be necessary.

This is a ripe moment for “shadow work” which has a defined goal or physical result. You may be feeling a deep stirring of previously undefined causes of cyclical problems in your life, as you grope in the darkness of your psyche for these hidden origins. With the lightning rod of Uranus in the mix, what has felt difficult to track or pinpoint could now become suddenly, and painfully obvious.

In contrast to last month’s full moon — which was ruled by Mars, this moon is instead ruled by Venus. Mars was (and still is) in a debilitated position (being in retrograde), whereas Venus is currently in a position of strength (being in Libra). The feminine energy has a good sense of what is just, balanced, fair, and integral. Despite the intense disruptions this full moon may bring, there is an underlying sense of rightness or synchronicity. What is coming up now is wanting to restore a balance or harmony to life, even if it comes in disguise. Overall, it is safe to say that this time is quite auspicious, especially for those of us ready to make serious changes to our personal status quo.

This full moon falls under the sign of Taurus. Archetypally, Taurus is the sign of material abundance — money, comfort, the security and steadiness of the visible world. Taurus revels in the pleasures of the flesh — the delights of being incarnate — food, sex, wine, art, music, refined aesthetics, clothing. Its character is stubborn, persistent, and generally slow-moving. Before jumping in, Taurus wants guaranteed results for the price of investment. This is a cautious and methodical area of the sky.

Uranus is not like that. Uranus wants action now — he is thunderous, revelatory, sudden, and radically illuminating. What we take for granted, what we find comfort in, and what we have thought is stable and secure in our world — all could be suddenly audited in this time. In a way, this is a great time for “audits” of all kinds.

Is this source of pleasure really as reliable as we had imagined?

Is what we say we value really in accord with our deepest sense of purpose?

What is the right blend between our personal gratification and our work in service to that which is greater than ourselves?

Our values and motivations could come under intense scrutiny at this time. I say, “bring it on.” This impulse toward reworking our big “whys” is pointing us in a direction that, at this time, can be trusted.

Although Prometheus sacrifices himself for humanity, eventually he too is freed. It seems that the impulse he serves — toward greater freedom and knowledge — eventually wins out over even the most stubborn of Taurean gods, Zeus himself. The key, of course, is Chiron’s willingness to take his place. Along with well the collaboration of the Martian hero, Hercules.

Note the mysterious weaving of these threads between the two lunations, this full moon and the moon previous.

Below are some questions to consider and perhaps journal about during this lunation.

  1. Where in my life am I reaching a “breaking point?” What feels like it’s ready to break down or break through? How is this moment a key turning point in my reorientation of my life toward greater service?
  2. What status quo am I clinging to? What has become a comfort blanket, even if stifling? What is life asking me to release now? Where do I need to break free?
  3. In what ways can I serve the illumination or unveiling of others’ gifts? What assistance can I provide to those whose emergence feels imminent?

Note: This article was edited by Daniel Robert of The Mythic Masculine and originally appeared on their network. You should check it out.

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