A New Moon in Libra — Oct 16, 2020

We are currently under a number of important and intensive cycles that are some of the most demanding of 2020. This moment represents a pivotal time which I’m sure you can feel, both in terms of the collective and in your personal spheres.

There are a number of cycles to unpack. The first is an ongoing renovation of our masculine and assertive sides, a process which is causing wild fluctuations in energy, leaving us feeling variably amped up, burned out, obsessive, persevering, aggressive, annoyed. This seems a necessary side-effect of something deeper that is wanting an epochal change in us.

People are easily triggered right now. At the same time, there is a lot of energy for getting things done if you are tapped into the specific way that energy wants to be used, which is different from our usual, normal way of moving through tasks and projects. Instead, this energy is better suited to a slow, deliberate, persevering and exacting approach. The image I have been using is that of a renovation or a big remodelling of a particular room of your life. It has been known for a long time that the foundation in question is rotten, that this place must be “gutted,” and stripped down to the studs, and now this renovation is underway, by necessity.

This process is demanding, requiring of us a certain spiritual stubbornness to remain in our integrity without spinning off into vapid distraction. This is a long process that necessarily meets many challenges, but over time steadily gets done, leaving this area of life refreshed, refocused, revitalized. Of course, renovations of this kind are hard and often messy. The key is to approach it with a correct regulating of our energy, to not expect miracles over night, but to make small gains always, and be happy in that progress.

There’s the need to steadily plod, chopping wood and carrying water with humble devotion. Creating internal steadiness and persistence, we simultaneously watch for clues from life. These clues reveal to us if we are flagrantly ignoring an inner voice that tells us our approach is off and needs changing. Some situations will just be demanding a resolute patience, whereas others will be plainly not working, but with our tendency to want to just keep pushing and pushing, we could be ignoring the gut feeling that we are running on fumes in regards to that situation. Listening is key now, as ever.

There are other cycles in play. In regards to our mental experience of life, as well as how we communicate and move through the busy world, we can expect major disruptions. This has been building for more than a week now, but will continue through mid-November, peaking between October 30th and November 7th. There are forces now who are willing to disrupt, illuminate, cause chaos, and shift the status quo in the name of greater long-term clarity and focus, especially around the deep, psychological underpinnings of our lives. This would be a time where plans get derailed for divine reasons, questioning our motivations and forcing a reconciliation between what we say is important to us and what we have been doing. In general there is definitely a feeling of things being tentative, preliminary and uncertain, which is a vibe that won’t be resolved fully until the 3rd week of November.

This isn’t the best time to be launching or beginning something without the expectation of needing to make critical adjustments and refinements along the way. There could be big revelations or sudden reveals of information or perspective that change the game significantly over the coming weeks. What you thought could be taken for granted instead will be revealed to be shifting under your feet, and the way you find out about that discrepancy could be sudden, shocking, surprising, exciting, and even synchronistic.

The typical advice for this cycle applies: backup computers, expect delays, be extremely clear in communications of all kinds, double check plans and schedules, expect SNAFUs and for things to get lost. Don’t assume everything will just run smoothly. Plan for divine disruption that provokes deeper consideration of your path. Ultimately this is for the better, as we humans so often think we know what is best for us, when in reality we can be easily led astray by our superficial, egoic mind.

This cycle enhances the ongoing renovation mentioned above. This is a great time for going back over something, reimagining, or rethinking something. There’s a lot of that energy around right now. Where are things just not working? Pay attention. You’re not just being asked to blindly stumble forward through struggles. Use this time to rework things for the better, so that your foundation is completely repaired and ready to withstand the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of 2021.

We have a New Moon on Friday in Libra. This is in a difficult position. In addition to the dynamics already mentioned, we may be grappling with the following:

  • Trying to find balance between very demanding poles, both within, with our relationships, and between projects. Feeling we are juggling things and not doing our best at any. Having to have hard talks around what needs to be dropped for now in order to do something critical with real attention, instead of conceding to acting like a headless chicken.
  • Feeling like there is something unjust or unfair playing out. Having to take the high road, breathe and step back from a situation where the truth seems obvious, but you’re not being validated in your position. Difficulty in sorting out who or what is “right,” who is to be trusted, and how to reconcile.
  • Coming up against hard boundaries, hard “no’s” from life or other people that seem intractable. Obstacles that seem impossible to overcome, demanding compromise and other, hidden avenues that require sublime access, a different tack yet unseen.
  • Yourself needing to assert stronger boundaries and define bright lines in the sand through an uncomfortable process of confrontation with both yourself and others close to you.
  • Reconciling with areas of life where we are reaping what we’ve sown, and the bitter truth of the things we poorly sowed in the past. Harvests of things that were poorly planted or not at all. On the other hand, hard work and striving for balance could be rewarded now, but in a private, quiet way that feels sober and perhaps brutal.
  • It’s a time of reckoning. We’re needing to be careful, judicious, exacting. This is a careful time of great prudence. Not exactly fun. Instead, the mature and grounded energy of an initiated adult who is tasked to take care of many realms: that of children (inner and outer), communities, resources, relationships, the land, all before herself. This indicates a moment of great care, and great demand.

Putting all this together, there’s no doubt that we are transiting turbid waters at this time, and over the next month in particular. This is “thick” energy. But thankfully this will dissipate a bit as soon as next week. Certainly, by the time we get into mid-November and the next new moon, we are in a bit easier territory, if temporarily. By that time, we will be able to see more clearly things that now seem hazy or hidden by the event horizon, and start putting into action the changes in plan that are bound to come up over the coming weeks.

Everyone can feel many things “on the line” right now that are critical, and over this next month, the confrontations and building tensions will come to pass in tangible ways. These events will demand grounded, confident responses from us. Our endurance and leadership will be called upon. We will need to step up into new and unfamiliar roles, which will be uncomfortable, uncertain, and invoking past wounds of confidence. The fact we will have little choice in the matter will swiftly cast our internal turmoil to the side, however, as situations will demand immediate action. We will be ready before we are “ready.”

We have somewhat of a light at the end of the tunnel by Mid-November, at which point we will be looking toward completely new and potentially revolutionary cycles in 2021. Mid-November has many potent shifts within it that will feel less like obstinate, acerbic challenge and more like integration and traction. In the meantime, we have to conserve our mental and emotional resources and become as coherent internally as we can. This will ensure our stamina and inner stability, so that we may be a light unto others who are less fortunate than us.

Astrology, culture, life. www.thenadir.ca

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