Coronavirus: We are all leaders now.

It’s never been easier than now to use an electronic device to trigger a cascade of stress hormones and immunosupressing responses within our bodies. As we navigate the morass of facts, opinions, hot-takes and various bullshits around the current COVID situation, it will become even easier to lose our sovereign center.

I am seeing people whose spiritual authority in the past I came to trust now crumbling in panic amidst the hype and spin that this situation is causing.

It is making me question their facade. These types of situations are extremely revealing. It seems that a crisis is actually a gift for weeding out those among us whose purported wisdom is not reliable in the face of real trouble.

It’s also fascinating to watch various people try to take advantage of the situation — whether through business or illegal pursuits.

On the other hand, I am seeing “ordinary” people with big hearts, immense compassion, flexibility, and most of all, humour — giving these gifts in spades, being kind, helping others feel loved and safe. I’m seeing some communities really pull together. I love the image of Italians doing DJ sets on their balconies. Sounds about right. The human spirit will never be crushed, no matter what happens.

There are also some spiritual teachers with real wisdom for this time. While atheists like Sam Harris wrestle with the handicap of their materialist fear, people like Jack Kornfield are reminding us how to be in line with Spirit. Please listen to this podcast, it’s gold. He is also offering free meditations specifically for steadying oneself. Check them out.

This situation reminds me of when my island had a windstorm last year and many people were stranded and without power, some unable to leave their homes for days on end because huge trees had fallen and were blocking driveways and main roads.

Many people took to hawking their “services” at this time in exchange for cash. Cash for clearing brush and cash for delivering groceries. Cash for letting someone come over and do laundry. Cash.

Meanwhile there was one guy who was offering his services for free, for the good of the community. His ad on the community classified basically said, “I have a big chainsaw. I’m strong. I’ll come help you for free. Call on me.”

I marveled at the juxtaposition of these two responses. But it’s always the case with a crisis. Some people feel the need to take advantage of it, whether it’s the government or individuals, for their personal agendas. From the astrology of this time, we’re going to see plenty of that. Plenty of power and control and grabbing out of fear. We’ve got to watch that like a hawk and ask: “where is that coming from?”

On the other hand, the astrology also spells out a case for a completely different reaction. Not a head-in-the-sand reaction, or a conspiracy theory. This isn’t even about the severity of the disease, who dies, and who survives. If you’re still stuck on that, you’re missing a very big point.

And that is the potential for us to respond with a depth of humanity, sovereignty and strength of heart that perhaps we were previously unaware was possible. Instead of succumbing to the dopamine rush of chasing panic online, we cultivate grace, silence, inner peace and humor, and radiate that out in waves of prayer and love to those for whom this is not as easy.

On humor especially, you may think that a rather callous response. But figure this: we will all one day be dead, and if the massive number of NDE’s are any portent, it’s going to be okay. While this situation is provoking suffering, it’s also a storm in the teapot of Life with a capital L. Be not afraid.

With that said, I’m mentally prepared and ready for the situation’s “worsening.” I’m prepared to be quarantined and even to get sick. I feel surrendered to what will happen. But my point is this: the degree to which this “gets worse” will be very much dependent upon the individual. Perception is reality. Perception IS reality. How you perceive this is going to have a huge effect not only on your physiology and health, but also on your mind, your relationships, your plans, your relationship to spirit. Your attitude over the coming days, regardless of how draconian the measures for containment become, will determine so much. Be aware that you possess a very strong degree of agency through this, even if you unconsciously choose to hand that over.

How did Victor Frankl make it through years of Nazi death camps alive, and emerge without hatred and revenge in his heart? By taking this view. Out of that horror, he rose clutching a diamond realization, which he gifted to all of us: no matter what happens, nothing will ever steal away our innate capacity to define our internal response. That is our unassailable humanity.

We are all leaders now. Our politicians mostly are revealing themselves to be uninspired. Those most connected to heart and spirit will naturally shine like the light of the sun through these strange times. Be one for all of us. Are you one for fear, or for love? That’s how to Occam’s Razor this shit.

Smile at this, make friends with it. Beauty is still everywhere, life is still worth living, even in crisis and suffering. What messages does this “virus” have for you, for us?

Astrology, culture, life.

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