New Moon in Scorpio — November 14th, 2020

The New Moon in Scorpio this month takes place at 9:07 PM, PST, on Saturday, November 14th. This is actually quite a constructive and purposeful lunation, and so it’s worth feeling into and translating its energy into your own life. Ruling it is a now-direct Mars in Aries, which has completed two-thirds of its “renovation” process it has been in since the start of July this year. This is a potent and positive omen, as Mars actually goes direct just the day before, on Friday the 13th.

With Mars direct now and ruling this New Moon, we can look forward to the resolution and reversal of issues that have been long plaguing us with their incompleteness. Mars Retrograde since mid-September has brought delays, rethinks and immersive confrontations with our own willpower, and the limits thereof. Over the past two months, we’ve been especially challenged in whatever area Aries rules in our charts, by whole-sign house. For example, if you’ve got Cancer rising, Mars Rx has been in your 10th whole sign house, during which time you’ve probably encountered necessary but aggravating obstacles to your career and vocational life. You can expect these blockages to begin shifting now — slowly at first, and then gradually gaining momentum.

Generally speaking, these delays and setbacks will have been for the better, even if during the retrograde, we felt blocked or like we were giving 200% effort for 50% of expected results. While this energetic upgrade will still take until mid-February of 2021 to fully complete, the grinding, raw frustration should start to ease up now. We can expect things to begin happening at a quicker pace, to get answers, and to see some germination of the seeds we’ve been trying to coax to life.

The actual New Moon itself is configured in a flowing way to the current stellium in Capricorn — Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto — which have been creating so much systemic upheaval, fear, catharsis and dark rapture over 2020. It has been one of “those years” — one which history will remember for a long time to come. However, at this New Moon we have a window of opportunity to begin making sense of these shifts in a new way. Emotional integration, deeper alignment, and making firm decisions based on trust are all in the mix.

The idea of “being sure” of something — not from the head so much as the gut — is a key Scorpio frame. Coupled with that is the idea of “investment” or of something being worthy of our full commitment. Scorpio shoots from the hip and is all or nothing, and at this New Moon we can begin to see where “going all in” could pay off down the line. Of course, this requires a process of checking in with our own integrity at crossroads moments — indeed, the image and feeling of a crossroads is strong at this New Moon.

While there are still numerous challenges to be faced in the coming weeks and months, this New Moon signals a relative turning point. It does not denote miracles or sudden graces, as the moon is in Fall in Scorpio. The movements of this lunation are likely to be more privately felt, intimate, personal and introspective, the results of which will play out over the next 6 months until the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th, 2021. That Full Moon acts as a bookend for this process we are about to begin, and promises earthy, tangible results through our deep work and shadow processes.

This is a fantastic time to embark on an analysis of your patterns of holding back, control, obsession, deep desires, and especially, unconscious fears. How do you really feel right now about x or y? What is driving you forward, or pushing you from the rear? Often in life it is so hard to tell the real answers to these questions. You may think you know how you feel, but actually feeling it is another matter. Getting clear about your true motivations at this New Moon will help create the momentum you need to move through these next 6 months, but it’s a process that requires a different level of intimacy and attention.

This New Moon moment could include revelations of its own that serve as a starting gun for this process of searching. Mercury is finalizing its oppositions with Uranus, as well as its own Retrograde period which was fairly chaotic. Watch for big reveals and flashes of insight this weekend. Also important is Venus, which makes superior squares to the Capricorn trio, highlighting again our search for justice and due process in both our personal and public lives. Now would be a time to make a plan for the next months — a strategy that is both rooted in your own “truth,” as well as being ruthlessly pragmatic. Now would not be a time to play games with yourself — call your own bluff if you’ve been stalling out on something critical.

It’s time to put your chips in and ante up. This last few weeks of 2020 offers a dazzling finale of big eclipses, a triplicity shift we haven’t seen for 800 years, and the completing of Mars’ big renovations. It’s definitely no slouch for end-of-year astrology this time. You can expect things to move in a way that they haven’t over the past few months — this can be for good or not. It’s time to sharpen those edges and drop in as the energy around us begins to untangle and move forward.

Questions for Journalling and Shadow Work:

1. What feels like it’s been stalled out in my life? What have been the reasons for that, externally and internally?

2. In what ways could I begin to engage that blockage differently now, in line with the changing energetic tides around me? Where could I listen for more help, for more clues?

3. In what places do I need to trust more, invest more, get off the fence, and create sacred devotion? What does “real alignment” mean to me? Where does that level of truth come from?

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