The Astrology of Summer 2020

As I mentioned on this week’s edition of my podcast, there is a strong emphasis on what I’d call “home and belonging” currently coming into our focus. We are now more concerned with creating a sense of safety and security amidst a very changeable and unpredictable world situation. We’re wanting practical solutions and real-world moves to be worked out, and to not just feel stuck inside juvenile fantasies or ideals, which seem ever more abundant.

As such we will probably experience a fair degree of anxiety as we work out how we’re going to position ourselves in spite of “the facts” or circumstances and situations that are outside of our control and are somewhat transpersonal.

There’s a bit of tension there over the coming weeks that will take our patience and deep emotional listening to work through. Intuition and right brain activation is key now — look to cultivate more flow states for hints. That means more time outside, exercising, hiking, biking, creating. Thinking analytically can make us go in loops. Change your state to change your mind.

I feel this lunar cycle that was kicked off at the solstice is somewhat of an in-between month with much from the past few months being revisited and worked out, and especially, processed. That will be a big word this month. We need to do a lot of emotionally feeling into things, decisions, possible directions.

Where do I belong, with whom, and how? What about the larger situation that’s going on in the world? How do I take care of my own little corner? How do I play adult “mother” or “father” to my own creation, family, tribe, place of being, neighbourhood? What makes me feel safe and “at home?” Who belongs with me? With whom am I safe and “squared away?”

We will be thinking about these topics of home and belonging for the rest of 2020, but especially acutely through the end of July. We all want to feel safe and tucked away, like we belong somewhere. But for each person and in each phase of life, that can look wildly different.

We are being forced to rethink “home,” which may include quite a bit of nostalgia or reckoning with our past and our roots. Everything that goes into “belonging” is included — stewardship of land and place, relationships with the more-than-human world, our sense of being “embedded” in a region or a biosphere. What is the place or places, small and large, that enrich our spirit and create a sense of reciprocity with the land, where we start to give back effortlessly?

As well, there is a longer cycle that has been in play since early May that is now shifting. There is a certain area in each of our lives where the main statement could be: “Something that I thought I wanted very much is actually now looking much more complicated. Maybe I don’t want it. Maybe I want something else, or just in a different order.”

We are working behind the scenes to adjust to major world changes and come up with a more authentic set of values and needs. We’ve been undergoing a process of re-evaluation around a specific area of life that now looks a lot differently than it did even just 6–7 weeks ago. By the time we get into August, we will be acting on these changes in earnest.

In the meantime, we remain patient in our reimagining and feeling into what is actually going to work vs. what we had imagined when we had only untested ideals and dreams to work from. Now that we are getting more practical intel, new directions will need to be imagined, but those with legs will take time to emerge and be acted upon.

It must be said that the astrology of late July and into August is when things really start to ramp up again in an intense way. There will be a number of challenges the nature of which are hard to foresee at this moment, but that will force us to adapt our timelines and plans accordingly.

At the very least, the energy for the last half of the year definitely has a feeling of needing to be working very hard, slowly pushing through challenges, shoring up our dedication, making compromises, using 150% patience, and looking at winning the day rather than even the week or month. It will come down to little battles and small acts of heroism to make things that would have seemed easy just function on a very basic level.

There’s a reason for this, and I believe it’s to help us figure out a way forward that’s actually going to work for the long-term, rather than feeling pieced together. All of us have areas of life where we’ve been duct-taping it. That’s not going to work for this period. We may need to burn it all down to be able to build something up that will last. Cue the Tower Card. It looks scary and uncomfortable, but it brings a very important message. We’re being prepared for something. The more we go with the process of composting, the sooner we’ll have fresh soil to plant new crops.

The period between August — December of 2020 is a very compressed time which will require us to be engaged and like a craftsman, working day in and out without need for validation or praise, but rather patiently shaping something into form over many months.

This will require our physical and emotional coherence — a kind of energy which is fully lined up inside and out. Thus, this next few weeks before August, we would do well to charge our batteries and really enjoy the sunshine. Prepare yourself for winter, even in summer.

That way, you won’t be surprised when the leaves start to fall and things feel bittersweet. Like a veteran craftsman, you’ve seen all kinds of seasons, and you’ve learned how to adapt and still do God’s work, even in tight corners.

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