Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius — December 14th, 2020

Looking at outward circumstances of life is actually looking at ourselves in the mirror of our unconscious beliefs.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius takes place on December 14th at 8:16 AM Pacific Time.

The Sabian Symbol for this moment: “A bluebird standing at the door of a house.”

At the time of this eclipse, there’s a feeling that we’re ready to fly through some kind of portal. This image of a bluebird, contemplating a threshold, is a reminder of this gateway. There’s something of a juxtaposition between the two spaces in this image — “the natural,” which the bird normally inhabits, and the “man made,” that is, a space foreign to the bird.

Why would a bluebird enter a house, under normal circumstances? It wouldn’t. But as we all know, we are not in “normal circumstances” right now. This image can be taken as an invitation. We are like that bird, contemplating forbidden territory. Is it worth it to us to move over that threshold? Our normal environment is compelling us to do something outside the realm of our normal — why? And do we acquiesce to that pull? Our simply fly away?

There’s nothing in the symbol’s description which says the door is open, either. Perhaps our bird simply contemplates this door, willing it to open. Or maybe the door is in fact an opening to a birdhouse, in which case entering would be appropriate. Nevertheless, a threshold is indicated. As well as the possibility of a taboo being broken in search of new perspective and insight, or safe haven. A question, posed, hangs in the air. How will we respond?

As we work through the energy of this eclipse, our next moves will be determined by what we believe is right. Sagittarius is all about belief — religious, personal, philosophical, cultural. With Sagittarius we contemplate which battles are worth fighting, which crusades worth undertaking. But as we all know, that is a fine line to walk.

At this time we are contemplating which doors are worth entering, where we could easily fly through, and where we are being barred from entry. Invitations, temptations, renegotiations. If we contemplate a threshold but do not cross it, have we failed? Or conserved our energy?

There’s something about this eclipse which speaks to energy conservation and proper management of our attention, intention, focus, control of mind power, and where we’re looking. There may be hard lessons around these themes. Sagittarius’ connection to belief indicates the direction of our mind’s awareness — think of the Centaur’s bow and arrow, pointing in a single direction, aiming, letting fly the arrow. There’s so much to take in these days. How do we focus our energy to avoid dispersion? How do we triage the demands on our inner silence? How do we maintain our sanctity, and our right to Sanctuary?

The effects of an eclipse “last” for 6 months. Eclipses act as markers, opening up a theme for the next half-year, inviting you to work it like clay. A Solar Eclipse usually indicates a new beginning, as opposed to a Lunar Eclipse, which is a definitive wrapping up. But we also consider the Lunar Nodes in our interpretation. When we have a Solar Eclipse on the South Node, as we do on the 14th, it’s somewhat of a paradox, because we often think of the South Node in Astrology as the place where things are dispersed, let go or diminished — where we see things leave.

So we can think of this moment as the beginning of the end in some way — the beginning of a 6 month process where we discover our need to clear away old patterns, but with a new sense of endeavour and focus. These themes are especially true in regards to our belief systems and limiting mental patterns. If you were to take just one thing away from this moment, it’s this: begin to assess where in your life you feel the pull of releasing and composting the past, and create a plan to do that over the next 6 months in a way that graceful and integral to you.


The Ruler of this eclipse is Jupiter, as Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Jupiter is in a very interesting position, about to leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius, where it will move into a conjunction with Saturn. You’ve heard of this by now as The Great Conjunction. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct every 20 years, but this particular episode is special, in that it’s the beginning of a new triplicity cycle — moving from Earth (the last 200 years) to Air (the next 200).

Air values are ascendant now. Technology, humanitarianism, communications, boundarilessness, transit, justice, mentality, mind power, a dramatic change in aesthetic, speed, minimalism, optionality, possibility, organizing, flexibility, information flow, ease, control of data, a different kind of authoritarianism, a different kind of rebellion.

While it’s not the beginning of “the age of aquarius,” it is certainly an epochal shift. One era is ending, another beginning — in the most plainly mundane sense possible. Because Jupiter at this Eclipse is in poor condition, but about to improve greatly by ingressing Aquarius, this indicates a circumstance that begins in a compromised or difficult way, but through effort, finds some kind of important resolution. Restructuring of the future through hard work, altering a situation that has been draining energy by turning toward it fully. We are rebalancing between possibility and pragmatism. We are facing what is not working. Things begin in a hard way, and through our rigorous attention, improve slowly and over time.

But the moment of inception is rocky. This eclipse represents a moment of great tension, of spiritual emergency even, that is begging for resolution, release, transitions of dark and light forces. This moment IS a threshold, not just any old eclipse. A moment before great changes that all of us feel. A tale of Light and Shadow — great possibility, and great uncertainty too. The sense of imminence is overwhelming. The feeling of a big wave coming, like a desert storm building, or a tremendous orgasm approaching.

There are a number of other aspects in play. Mars square Pluto: a sense of “titanic” tension or forces building, a clenching, a psychological battle, a lot to hold all at once and not spew out or lash out. Anger management. Beware causes, crusading, “being right.” Compassion. Compassion. Compassion. Move energy in different ways through the body, rather than through words. Exercise. Dance hard.

This is the culmination of Mars’ Rx period in Aries, which I playfully called “The Renovation.” Where have you been renovating in your life? We can expect a grand finale in these regards over the last days of December and the first weeks of January. Action will want to be taken.

But Mercury is in detriment and being burned up by the Sun, as well as transiting the South Node. This is a weak Mercury. We’re going to want to take this action, speak boldly, be decisive, but it’s probably coming from an overconfident place. Sagittarius can be so certain about what it believes, which often annoys others by way of seeming arrogant. We’re probably seeing things from too high a perspective without enough detail. We think we know, but do we REALLY know? Or do we just THINK we do?

We often move so fast through life that we think we know how we feel, or what we believe, but often what we’re referring to are just very vague and superficial stand-ins for our deepest emotions and truths. These tips of the iceberg run our lives, because we’re all moving so fast that all we give ourselves time for is referencing those glimpses of truth. At this juncture therefore, be far more cautious about your thinking and how you’re assessing certain charged situations. If this moment is the beginning of a long let-go, a beginning of an end, we have to pay special attention to how we begin that. Avoid rash action.

There’s the desire to take action fast despite not having all the info. Really temper that. Write down what you want to do in full detail, then come back to it later and assess. Create SILENCE around it. Earplugs. Slow down. Breathe. Then see what you want to do.

This eclipse will affect travel as well. The last time the South Node was in Sagittarius was 2001 post 911 when travel was restricted. We remember a lot of fear in the air around flying, and the normally Sagittarian sense of global unity and adventure being dampened significantly. Sagittarius is not really a suspiscious sign usually, but this creates more distance and uncertainty, on account of Sagittarian conflicts between laws and differing philosophies. The idea of a capital T Truth is under attack, as we all know. We can expect this to continue for the short term.

At the time of this eclipse, Venus Sextiles Jupiter and Saturn, ingresses Sagittarius, and then moves into Antiscia with the above. We ARE doing some deeper work in terms of getting closer to authenticity. I think this is a common theme right now: a pattern where we’ve been doing our best to present ourselves to the world, in business, in life, in relationships, despite something feeling not totally 100%. Recently there has been awareness of changes and shifts that can be made to bring us more into alignment and authenticity in what we do. There are reveals happening. We’re becoming more transparent. We’re showing up in a more honest way. We’re letting those realizations perculate into our actions and identities, but cautiously.

Bernadette Brady has done some fantastic work on the Saros Series of the Eclipses. This is “4 South,” an eclipse series which began in 1624 and will continue until 2868. On this series she says: “The series carries with it very strong emotional feelings concerning relationships and/or money. There could be anger or lust. There is a sense of fatedness and individuals may find themselves caught up in relationship events which are beyond their control. There could also be the sudden desire to finish a relationship. These emotions may be blocked or checked in some way, leading to a great deal of frustration. The best approach to this eclipse is to avoid rash action until the issues settle down.”

This is moment of time is thick. Like a wave, it invites you to take a deep breath, wax up your board, and head out into the surf. How you ride what’s to come depends on your belief, your intention, and the quality of your attention. Godspeed.


If you’re curious about where this eclipse is most impacting you, look to the Whole Sign house ruled by Sagittarius — this will give you clues. Send me an email for more (

Sag Rising — 1st: Sense of self, sense of being in the world, identity, health.

Cap Rising — 12th: Inner worlds, hidden places, self-sabotage patterns, self-sacrifice.

Aquarius Rising 11th: Community, brotherhood and sisterhood, future ideals, friendships, the neighbourhood.

Pisces Rising 10th: Career, vocation, reputation.

Aries Rising 9th: Ideals, beliefs, higher education, travel.

Taurus Rising 8th: Death, transition, debt, shared management of resources, spouse’s money.

Gemini Rising 7th: Relationship, partner, 1–1.

Cancer Rising 6th: Sickness, disease, day-to-day routines, tasks, jobs

Leo Rising 5th: Children, sex, romance, creative projects

Virgo Rising 4th: Home and family, roots, ancestors, place of residence

Libra Rising 3rd: Siblings, short trips, communication style

Scorpio Rising 2nd: Money, property, possessions.

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